Wrona Services

Wrona Services is the perfect partner for professionals in the trade fair industry.

 Wrona Services can provide teams on short notice to help you solve work peaks. Do you have  large Trade Fair projects but is squeezed in terms of work force? Wrona Services is capable of providing the arms you need!

 We can provide teams on your premises to help with the production or send them to the Trade Fair you are participating in. Either to help you mount your stand with one of your employees as crew chief or Wrona Services can handle the dismounting of your stand on your behalf.

 Wrona Services is a sister company to Wrona Produkt. Our aim is not to design projects but realize the design of others.

 Wrona Services is your subcontractor of choice. The responsible for planning projects has more than 25 years in the Trade Fair and events industry and the employees in Wrona Services has worked for almost 10 years fulfilling client needs in this industry.

 Wrona Services provides quality, experience and speed of execution to your trade fair projects. All this at very competitive rates.


Write to exhibition@wrona-produkt.com for further information.